Back to the Future technology, will it come true?

Back to the Future is a science fiction – film from director Robert Zemeckis, The screenplay by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale.
The film tells the story of the student Marty McFly who accidentally via time travel device in 1955 and there changed the past of his parents, which means that its existence is threatened. Marty must now try to restore the original past and return to 1985.


The teenager Marty McFly lives in 1985 in his hometown of Hill Valley together with his siblings with his parents Lorraine and George. His father George is an uncertain man, suppressed by his superiors Biff.
Marty meets with the fellow scientist Dr. Brown, who gave him a built-in a sports car time machine showing off. The necessary for time travel energy provides a with plutonium -powered nuclear reactor. Dr. Brown had deceived Libyan terrorists around the plutonium. These have now noticed the fraud and are shooting Dr. Brown. When they also turn against Marty, he flees and accidentally activates the time machine, which brings him into the year 1955. Dr. Brown has previously set the time machine for demonstration purposes on the 5th of November, 1955, because on that day he had the right idea for the invention of the time machine.
In the past, Marty meets his father George as well as Biff, who also suppressed his father in 1955. Marty rescues George from an approaching car and is approached by himself. Because of the intervention of Marty, he is now taken to Georges’ place in the house of his mother Lorraine, where she takes care of him and falls in love with him. Marty’s existence is also in danger.
Marty is looking for Dr. Brown of the year 1955 and convinces him that he comes from the future and has come with a time machine that he has produced. Dr. Brown agrees to help Marty return to 1985. The plutonium of the time machine is consumed and can not be obtained in 1955. Marty happens to know that the next Saturday lightning will take in the City Council of Hill Valley. The energy of this lightning is to be used to enable the return journey in 1985 without plutonium.
Before his return, however, Marty still has to make his parents fall in love. This project turns out to be difficult because George is a shy outsider. From Lorraine, Marty learns that she has a predilection for strong men who can protect a woman.
Marty is therefore invited by Lorraine to a dance performance of the school but plans to bother her to give George the opportunity to save her from him and stand as a hero. The plan fails, since Biff appears, Marty backward and Lorraine bothered on his part. As originally agreed, George comes to save Lorraine. At first, he is astonished that Lorraine is not pushed by Marty as planned. Lorraine is thrilled and falls in love with George. Marty’s existence is assured by her first kiss during the dance ball.
Marty hands a sealed letter to Dr. Brown to warn him before his shooting in 1985. Brown refuses to read him and tears him out of fear of consequences “for the space-time continuum.”
Dr. Brown succeeds in directing the energy of the flash into the time machine at the right moment, allowing Marty to return to 1985. The destination is now, however, instead’Twin’ “Lone Pine Mall” because Marty had knocked over one of the two established pines of Farmers Peabody on arrival in 1955th There, thanks to the arbitrarily adjustable timeline, a few minutes earlier, Marty can not prevent the terrorists from shooting at Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown, who had meanwhile stuck Marty’s letter and had read it, now survives the attack thanks to a shudder-proof vest. He makes a 30-year-old future in the future to explore the time.
Through Marty’s influence on the past, his father in 1985 brought him to a self-confident and fruitful book author, and Biff became a submissive autodelete service provider.
Finally, Dr. Brown appears with the advanced time machine from the future and asks Marty and his girlfriend to go there together with him, as they have to help their children.

The Time Machine

Model used in the film De Lorean DMC-12. The time machine was designed in various variations and frequently modified. First, they were designed in the form of a laser device, which should be built in a room. Subsequently, a walk-in refrigerator, designed as a time machine, was designed. Since those responsible but feared children could use this as an incentive to lock himself in refrigerators, they rejected this idea. Finally, it was decided to make the time machine mobile, which, according to the developers is logical, since they are so always taken Which would facilitate a return. Therefore, it stipulated that the time machine in a DeLorean DMC-12 should be installed. One reason for this was the joke that a DeLorean would be held by the villagers for an alien spaceship if he were in the past.

From ILM that had Zemeckis entrusted with the implementation of special effects, he received various designs, such as the so-called space-time continuum, which should constitute the transition from a time in space to another, might look like. However, since he was not satisfied with any of these designs, he decided to present the temporal transition soberly and without such effects. Zemeckis wanted to focus on the technical aspects of time travel. To this end, he and Gale worked the “flux capacitor” (in the original flux capacitor, thus actually “flow capacitor”) in the script a. This invention Doc Browns should make the time travel possible. On the operation of the time machine, the scriptwriters of left HG Wells ‘ The Time Machine inspired. So they decided that the time machine can not travel at the same through time and space should, as they appeared this impossible.
Three vehicles were used during the shooting. One was with a Porsche modified -Motor and outdoor scenes in which a moving car was needed, used. Another had an extended interior for scenes where the DeLorean was entered or abandoned. The third vehicle had been seen up so that one could film with the camera in the interior. It had no exterior outfits and was only used for scenes within DeLoreans. When it came out in 1989, “Back to the Future II” suggested we would be bouncing off walls and racing cars while floating above the ground, all with the ease of a Hoverboard.
Something that has “come true” or at least is on the brink of coming true. Who haven’t read a bunch of hoverboard reviews lately in order to try and get something that won’t be so futuristic that it blows up beneath you.
In order to give each vehicle the appearance of a time machine and to create an interesting vehicle for the time travel, the film figures were built in addition to aircraft parts in the waste or in the usual electronics stores. Among them were numerous lighting effects and circuits, the other at the appropriate times of action and should be based. After the release of the film thanked John DeLorean Zemeckis for the use of the designed cars and that Zemeckis allegedly obtained his dreams alive. Next, he offered to hire the staff who had designed the time machine as  designers.

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