What Does Tomorrow Hold For The Coming Of Futuristic Technology?

Technology is a broad encompassing concept. It pertains to the collection of both knowledge and procedures for the purpose of achieving a goal or performing a certain function. Technology has been, is, and will be playing a dramatic role throughout the history of mankind. Futuristic technology promises a future that is significantly better than what the present offers.

Since technologies involve the usage, modification, and creation of tools, machinery, contraptions, and systems, it is considered as a concentration of procedures. Technologies are said to be created due to its ability to satisfy an objective or serve a role. Such functions encompass a wide scope, which may include the improvement of a present way of resolving problems; modifying systems or machines; and solving problems themselves. Intelligent beings, like humans, can adapt, leverage, manipulate and limit the various phenomena with the use of technology.Humans have been propelled from the crude world of their ancestors, into existence which takes the best possible advantage of the natural phenomenon. Documents of technological use of prehistoric humans suggest that the ability to create tools, the discovery of fire, the invention of the wheel, and the use of shelter and clothing were the earliest technological revolutions. Such were so impressive that it impacted daily life and sealed the technologically-dependent fate of the modern human being.

The shifts from old into new technologies were dominated by more advanced ways of performing tasks. From just using technology to maximize survival, human beings now use it for trivial matters, examples of which are self-satisfying of pleasures and entertainment. Highlighted innovations during this period included changes in construction, explosive-based weaponry, the telephone and telegraph, sewer and septic systems, farm equipment, and the printing press, to name a few.At present, the advanced technologies that are being enjoyed encompass a wide range of fields. Examples of such are the medical, military, entertainment, music, sports, education and engineering fields. Such advancements in the fields mentioned have undergone drastic changes in a relatively short amount of time, spanning from several decades to just a few months.

Comparing the observed progression of developments in technology creation and discovery, it appears that current rates of innovations are increasingly becoming much faster than in the past. A good example of such a phenomenon is the obsolescence of personal computer components just within a couple of years.

The technologies of tomorrow that are now starting to be developed may have a huge impact on the way humans live. Artificial intelligence that can learn from its mistakes and to acquire new knowledge is currently being tested. Biological crop technologies allow for the growing of organism body parts, specifically human organs and limbs. Breakthroughs have also been accomplished in teleportation, where scientists have now been able to teleport quantum bits.

Human lives have been greatly positively influenced by technology ever since the dawn of civilization. Unfortunately, despite the positive effects, negative impacts like global warming come with it as well. The ultimate goal of humanity to create a much more human-centered, just, humane, peaceful and safe global society has the greatest potential to be achieved with the help of futuristic technology.

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