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Metal wire basket/muzzle for dogs – Review

Hi everyone and welcome to another article.

Today I am going to present you one of the best pieces of canine equipment. There is no doubt that your pet behaves well, but all the same a muzzle is a must have item for every dog owner.

If you’re looking for a muzzle with superb ventilation, we’d like to present you this wire cage dog muzzle we just reviewed and it comes with no strap between the eyes. Giving your dog a comfortable and secure mouth guard.

The design of this wire cage dog muzzle completely unique

The absence of the leather strap between the eyes, doesn’t make it less reliable. The cage of this muzzle is designed in such a way, that the harder your dog tries to take it off, the better it fits in and secures it in place.

The cage of this muzzle provides superb ventilation. Better than any leather muzzle we’ve used before. Your pet will be able to bark, pant, drink water and even eat small treats in it.

The soft padding at the upper part will protect the nose of your pet from rubbing.

Strong metal construction is designed to maintain the shape of the muzzle and assure its long life span.

The quality of the materials shouldn’t even be discussed.

The leather straps of this muzzle are very reliable and won’t stretch. This muzzle can be used for obedience training, walking, patrolling and visiting a vet.
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