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Why you should sell your car and buy an electric scooter

A few months ago I went to a seminar on reaching zero emission. Sadly, that may never come true as we are highly dependent on fossil fuel. But that doesn’t mean that we do not have to pitch in when it comes to lowering our own carbon footprint.

That’s why I chose to sell my car and invest some of that money into a more planet-friendly solution, an electric scooter.

Why an electric scooter

There are many reasons to why I wanted to go with the two-wheeled option for my daily commute, instead of buying an electric car or any other electric ride for that matter.

Sure, I did have a hard time making up my mind about what to pick. But eventually, it came down to a few things that made the scale tip in favor of an electric powered scooter.

  • Electric scooters are far superior to other electric rides when it comes to performance and durability.
  • There are models for people of all ages, adults, seniors and there are even electric scooters for kids.
  • I was not interested in getting an electric bike for a number of reasons.
  • The comfort of riding one was much better, and it seemed like the most versatile option out there when it comes to handling various terrain.
  • Plenty of models with good feedback to choose from within my budget which for the record was £1500.
  • I wanted comfort so getting something with a firm and well-padded seat was just what I needed. I did look at a few electric skateboards. But sitting down on those would probably not be my cup of tea when it comes to comfort.

Apart from all those things above I felt that the technique used in these have come further at this time than any of the other personal transportation devices out there.

My new ride

After getting a headache reading through a bunch of reviews and information on which type of transportation might be the best solution for my needs. I finally found something of interest.

Since I was swapping out my car I felt like investing at least a 10th of what I got from the sale into a new electric scooter. Doing this I force myself into buying something more expensive which would hopefully be able to handle my everyday tasks.

I finally ended up looking into 3 different scooters. One was the Qiewa Q1, the second one was Speedway mini4 pro, and the last one was the Xiaomi m365.

Reading up on all these models quickly got me realizing that the Xiaomi scooter wouldn’t make the cut. So now I was only down to two different models. To make it easy for me I read up on the distance and speed on both models and how well they held true to what the specifics promise. The Q1 had much better comfort and overall seemed to be the better choice out of the two.

Checking up on its performance and various features got me sold and I eventually ordered the Qiewa Q1 after.

How it is to ride

It might have taken me a few weeks before I actually threw myself out there and made the order. But boy, do I regret not doing this earlier. My daily commute from home to the university takes even less time with the scooter compared to taking the car.

You know how much traffic it is around 4-5 PM when everyone just wants to get home from work. Well, I don’t have to be bothered with that anymore. I ride past the traffic jams, I slow down and just head on over to the bike lane if that route is faster. And I do all of this while comfortably seated. It handles rough roads like nothing and I have a hard time not taking it with me wherever I want to go.

The combination with a padded seat, inflatable tires, and a double suspension system make riding the Q1 very smooth. It goes up to 40 mph and has a maximum driving distance per charge of 40 miles. However, I have yet only reached about 34 mph and that is fast enough for someone of my weight. Also, I would estimate that I can get around 25-30 miles on a single charge was taken into account my weight and riding style.

Do I recommend others to do the same

I highly urge you to consider switching over to an electric vehicle of some sort. Whether it be a car or any other sort of electric transportation doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that you lower your own air pollution. The fact that this new way of transport is much more fun is just a side perk. Or was it the other way around!

Yeah, saving the planet has and will probably never be this fun. Swoosh through traffic without having to worry about getting stuck in it. I ride past mopeds that cannot reach the same speed as me on my way to work every day.

How could you want a moped when an electric scooter is cheaper to buy, more cost-effective in the long run, it is smaller so you can easily park it in the hallway just like a regular bicycle.

Overall I highly recommend anyone reading this to consider buying an electric scooter. You get hours of fun out of it and you cut the time and costs off your daily commute in half.

Playstation PS VR review

The PlayStation VR is finally here.

We first saw designs of the headset, then called Project Morpheus, in 2014 and have since then seen investment in the virtual reality industry grow much more expansive.

Now, the $399 VR headset is ready for primetime,but is it right for you? While the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have certainly been written about quite a bit, the cost of the systems hasn’t made them too accessible to the average consumer.

Those VR experiences retail for about $2,000,meanwhile, you can get a PS VR, PS4, and all the fixings for around $800.

There are already around 40 million PS4’sin the wild so it’s a lot less of a headache for gamers to get started with VR on PlayStation.

Another thing that helps the headset hit that$399 price point is that the Move controllers and the Playstation camera aren’t actuallyincluded.

They aren’t too expensive and a lot of PlayStationgamers may already have them but be sure you don’t forget to pick them up if you decideyou’re interested in actually turning the system on.

The design is pretty bold.

It’s a bit more space-age than other headsets.

The bright, multi-colored LEDs and visor-style display are much more reminiscent of a star wars helmet than the bulky face computer.

It’s just as nerdy but it seems to take itself a bit less serious which is nice.

Build-wise, PS VR is pretty ambitious.

While other systems just strap the display to your face, the PS VR balances it in front of your eyes.

While this will probably help you avoid weird-looking pressure marks on your face, it does make it a bit harder to sell yourself out from the world around you.

At times, the build quality leaves a bit to be desired.

I occasionally felt like I was on the verge of breaking the headset while I was resizing the headband on it.

Sony wanted the PlayStation VR to be as approachable as possible to consumers in terms of price and that meant relying on some older tech that they had previously released.

The PlayStation Move controllers seem to do a surprisingly good job with tracking despite the fact that they’re over 6 years old.

The PS camera, on the other hand, has some trouble adjusting to the mobility of VR despite the fact that it’s recently been updated.

I managed to lose tracking of my controller quite a bit throughout gameplay which really was a bummer.

Oculus Touch controllers suffer from this same problem of occlusion where your body blocks the signal between the controller and the camera, but with just one sensor, this happened way more.

Hardware-aside one of the major reasons to be psyched about PS VR is the partnerships.

We already know that Star Wars Battlefront will be incorporating a VR-centric mode exclusive to PlayStation and games like Resident Evil and Batman is launching only on the PS VR.

With VR coming to PlayStation expect to see some more popular franchises testing out the early platform.

The device has quite a few titles available immediately at launch with more on the way.

It’s easy to highlight its shortcomings but the PS VR really is an impressive system for the price.

The headset itself delivers quality experiences and it’s honestly crazy how much performance it gets from the $300 PS4.

With the PlayStation Pro on the way in November,I’m sure experiences will only grow more complex and visual in the future.

Convincing someone to buy a first-generationVR headset has been a pretty difficult sell, largely because they’ve all been really expensive, bulky and haven’t had much content.

The PS VR is at least much cheaper, there are still some challenges that need to be solved but Sony has created the most accessible high-powered VR system we’ve seen to date and if you’re a PlayStation loyalist there are a lot of cool reasons to dive in and make this your first big investment in VR.

Metal wire basket/muzzle for dogs – Review

Hi everyone and welcome to another article.

Today I am going to present you one of the best pieces of canine equipment. There is no doubt that your pet behaves well, but all the same a muzzle is a must have item for every dog owner.

If you’re looking for a muzzle with superb ventilation, we’d like to present you this wire cage dog muzzle we just reviewed and it comes with no strap between the eyes. Giving your dog a comfortable and secure mouth guard.

The design of this wire cage dog muzzle completely unique

The absence of the leather strap between the eyes, doesn’t make it less reliable. The cage of this muzzle is designed in such a way, that the harder your dog tries to take it off, the better it fits in and secures it in place.

The cage of this muzzle provides superb ventilation. Better than any leather muzzle we’ve used before. Your pet will be able to bark, pant, drink water and even eat small treats in it.

The soft padding at the upper part will protect the nose of your pet from rubbing.

Strong metal construction is designed to maintain the shape of the muzzle and assure its long life span.

The quality of the materials shouldn’t even be discussed.

The leather straps of this muzzle are very reliable and won’t stretch. This muzzle can be used for obedience training, walking, patrolling and visiting a vet.
Check the different metal wire dog basket sizes on Amazon

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BOSE QuietComfort 35 noise-cancelling/reduction headphones (QC35) – REVIEW

Hey what’s up guys! Welcome to another article, where you and I work together to help you organize different aspects of your life! In today’s show, I’m gonna review for you the brand spanking new Bose QuietComfort 35 Bluetooth wireless headphones! So what you get in the box is basically a USB charging cable, a three and a half mm jack if you choose to connect via wire, an awesome leather carrying pouch, and in that pouch, of course, you get some of the best noise cancelling headphones on the market right now! These are the newest model from Bose.

The initial Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise reduction headphones review

They are of course foldable.

These are ultra lightweight.

Under 240 grams.

That’s amazing! You can get them in either silver or black.

And this is what they look like with themon.

On the cups themselves, you’ll find a volumeup, volume down, and play/pause button.

The earmuffs on the ear cups are soft and plush.

These headphones cause no listening fatiguewhatsoever.

Bose claims these will last up to 20 hourson a single charge, and I’m my testing, I’m actually closer to 23 hours! That’s pretty amazing! If you decide to go with the wired option,the battery is going to last roughly 40 hours.

Charging via the micro USB cable takes justover 2 hours.

Pairing the earphones to your smartphone couldn’tbe any easier.

Just turn on your Bluetooth on your smartphonedevice.

Power on the headphones with the Bluetoothoption.

And that’s it! You’re connected! Super simple! When you’re connected, there’s an audiblereminder that tells you how much charge you have left inside the earphones.


The headband is made from some nice leather on top, and microsuede in the interior.

This is super soft and plush for your head.

As far as the sound quality goes, my previous pair of headphones were some high end Sennheiser Momentum M2, those were the wired version.

And although they sounded quite good, they were a bit on the heavy side and of course they had that wire! Now these Bose sound just as good, they have noise-cancelling built-in, and honestly, this is the best noise cancelling of any headphones I’ve ever heard on the market.

They’re super lightweight and the battery literally lasts almost for ever! What more could you ask from a pair of headphones? The bass levels are pretty good, although the bass heads might want just a little more bass.

But honestly, the mids and highs are outstandingand there’s still a good amount of bass in there! What’s nice is regardless of how loud youplay them, the bass always stays clear and tight.

You can hear the vocals amazingly well andregardless of any genre of music you like, you’re really going to enjoy these.

I personally like EDM, hip-hop and trap musicand these are fantastic.

If you remember, in my last review, I also purchased the Jay Bird Freedom wireless earbuds, and although those sounded pretty good, these guys are real full-sized headphones and really can’t be beat.

So in summary, I have to say that the main features of these Bose QC35 headphones are the sound quality, lightweight construction,super comfortable to wear, battery life lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge, and they have the added bonus of noise cancelling.

What the active noise cancelling does basicallyis it blocks all the sounds that are coming from outside: construction, talking, cars,buses.

It blocks everything out so it allows you to concentrate on listening to music! Trust me on this one guys, you will not find a better pair of headphones under 500$.

For the most up to date pricing on these headphones:

Bose QuietComfort 35 Black

Bose QuietComfort 35 Silver

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